St. Thomas

We are located at 184 Sunset Drive Unit 4, in the Sunset Plaza!

Please contact us for bookings.

Bookings can be scheduled to start during the following times:

Monday to Thursday - 6pm to 8:30pm

Friday  - 6pm to 10pm

Saturday - 11am to 10pm

Sunday - 11am to 8:30pm

Call us or text 519-878-SAFE (7233) anytime to book

You could also message us on Facebook, or email us at


 Every Participant must sign a waiver.  Participants under sixteen need a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Download a copy here.



A Space Odyssey


You are astronauts on the moon.  You have been out collecting more samples on the moon surface.  When you return to the habitat you realize that the on board computer has decided that you dont belong there, so he has locked you out!  Can you outwit the computer and get back in the habitat to restart the computer system?  Find out!


2 - 6 participants

60 minutes

This room has hints!  This room plays in complete darkness.  One of your first tasks is to find light.

Difficulty level  :  4 out of 5




The Wizard's Curse

Your family has been cursed!!  You have done the research and know the evil wizard that cast this curse and the way to break it!!  You are determined to break this curse! 

2 - 5 participants

60 minutes

This room has hints!  (This room has a magical theme including  spells and magic items, along with an Ouija board and crystal ball)

Difficulty level  :  3 out of 5




Lost Luggage


You are airport security, new on the job.  You are doing your rounds, and take a break in Lost Luggage, where nothing ever happens.  Then the alert comes over the radio:  Alert!  Alert!!  Bomb threat in Lost Luggage!  You are trapped in with the bomb.   Which colour wire will you choose?


2 - 5 participants

60 minutes

This room has hints!

Difficulty level  :  4.5 out of 5






Jurassic Farm

You are a Palentogic Health Inspector.  Your position came into existance when dinosaur meat became a delicacy for humans.  Now a new chef is breeding genetically modified larger dinosaurs for better profits.  You know large roaming dinosaurs are bad for the planet and you are going to stop him!


2-6 participants

60 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

Hints are available in this room. 

Difficulty level  :   2.5 out of 5





The Bistro


The year is 1947, just after WWII.  You have been commissioned to recover art stolen by the Nazis during the war.  You have searched many sources, and they have lead you to a bistro in Paris.  Can you satisfy the collector and gain Da Vinci's The Last Supper?


1 - 2 participants

60 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

Hints are available in this room.

Difficulty level  :   3.5 out of 5