We are located at 368 Huron Street, across from Madelyn's Diner!

We take booking for our escape experiences at any time, day or night, (and yes, 3 am is still fine with us!)

Open by appointment or by chance!  This means we are only there if we have a booking.

Call us or text 519-949-SAFE (7233) anytime!!!

You could also message us on Facebook, or email us at

 Every Participant must sign a waiver.  Participants under sixteen need a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Download a copy here.




You have been searching for a lost explorer, who was searching for the Goblet of Immortality in the Tomb of Osiris.  Today you have found a way into the tomb.  Does your team have what it taes to find the Explorer, and ultimately the Goblet of Immortality?


2 - 6 participants

60 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

This room has hints!

Difficulty level :  4 out of 5 





Jack Frost wants to ruin Christmas on Christmas Eve!  He has created a massive snowstorm, stolen Santa's suit and kidnapped Rudolph!!   Can you rescue Rudolph and save Christmas?


2 - 4 participants

60 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

This room has hints!

Difficulty level :  2.5 out of 5 



Wizards!!  Inspired by Harry, and other great wizards...

Our magic relies upon the very magical Elder Dragons.  Their existence allows magic to exist for us!  They live for hundreds of years, but our most recent Elder Dragon, Lydratta, has passed, leaving behind one Elder Dragon Egg.  This egg has been stolen!!  An evil wizard was seen fleeing the nest.  You students of magic have been given the quest to save the egg.  You will also be placed into smaller teams for a mini competition.  Is that clue you found for the coomon goal?  Or for the competition?


4-12 participants  (8 recommended)

90 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

Hints are available in this room. 

Difficulty level  :   3.5 out of 5




A Space Odyssey

As Astronauts stationed on the moon, you are returning from a mission to the habitat.  When you try to enter, your codes do not work.  Then a computer virus named HAL announces you do not belong.  You have 60 minutes of oxygen remaining to try to figure out the override codes, or you will suffocate in space.


2-6 participants

64 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

Hints are not available in this room.  This room starts in the complete dark and then plays mainly with black light

Difficulty level  :   4 out of 5