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Please make a reservation to avoid disappointment, or take a chance and drop in during store hours!

Store Hours:

Monday to Wednesday   3pm to 10pm

Thursday  11am to 10pm

Friday & Saturday  11am to 11pm

Sunday  12noon to 5pm

Escape rooms can be booked outside of store hours, if booked in advanced.





Escape Rooms

Please make a reservation to book your event, or take a chance walking in during regualar store hours.

 Every Participant must sign a waiver.  Participants under sixteen need a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Download a copy here.

Open Now!!

The Asylum

There has been overcrowding at the asylum.  You are one patient among a small group that has been selected for possible release.  Now you only need to find your way out, in time, with or without your fellow patients....                    


3 - 6 participants

60 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

There is one hint available for this room.  Participants start chained up.  please talk to us if other arrangments are needed for a fun experience!

Difficulty level :  4 out of 5 





 Teacher or Creature

You know what you saw at recess.  Mr. Alf, the supply teacher looked like a creature!!  You got put into detention on purpose for a chance.   You're going to prove what you saw, hopefully you can do it in time to save the school!


2 - 8 participants

60 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

There are hints for this room.

Difficulty level :  2 out of 5  (we can alter this room to make it 3 out of 5, just ask)




Opening soon....


Santa's Workshop

Oh no!  The nice and naughty list!  A pesky elf has hidden the names all over the worshop.  Can you help put the names back on the nice and naughty list and save christmas!?!


2-5 participants

75 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

This room has hints!

Difficulty level  :   3.5 out of 5



The Will

Your friend is at the courthouse, his grandfathers will is being probated in an hour.  Your friend is convinced that his Aunt has put in a fake will that she found in the family room  He has asked you to find the real one!  Grandpa always said he kept his will in his office!

2-4 participants

60 minutes

Admission $20+tax per participant

Hints are available in this room. 

Difficulty level  :   3 out of 5




Under Construction